Cantilever Pallet Racking

Our Cantilever range includes Very Heavy Duty, Heavy Duty, Mid Duty and Light Duty cantilever racking. This versatility offers a range of support, strength and capacity for storing timber, steel and other long items. Cantilever Racking is available in a wide range of sizes and gauges.
  • Very Heavy Duty
    • exceptionally robust design for heavy items
    • ideal for long heavy steel and timber items etc.
    • offers high level of stability
    • can be installed outdoors
    • adjustable arm heights for range of items
    • load capacity up to 14000 kg per side

  • Heavy Duty
    • suitable for long loads and flat product items
    • ideal for storing particle board flooring and gyprock panels etc.
    • adjustable arm heights and width

  • Mid Duty
    • ideal for carpet, timber, pipe or any long material
    • multi-level high storage

  • Light Duty
    • low cost storage option for long items
    • Ideal for electrical conduit, timber dowel and light steel
    • suitable for awkward items and a range of lengths